The Wines of British Columbia

GuildSomm is a non-profit that produces educational material for wine industry professionals and enthusiasts. This particular project about the wine-growing region of British Columbia is part of their larger series on wine growing regions around the world. This 17-minute documentary provides an overview of the Okanagon Valley, which is a truly magical place. From filming and editing to animation, we worked on all aspects of production. Special thanks to Chris Tanghe and Stacy Ladenburger, who directed and produced the project.

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Production, Post-Production, Animation


In the field

We spent a week in British Columbia, capturing farmers and wine-makers in the midst of a very busy and challenging season. Despite navigating the stresses that come with harvest, each person we talked to was open and excited to show us this place. Production had to be quick and flexible, and each day had multiple locations and schedule changes—October is one of their busiest months!